Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reality TV

I love reality tv and can't seem to get enough of it.

When did Jon Gossling get his ears pierced?
(TLC, Jon and Kate Plus 8)

Why do you guys, Jon and Kate, say EVERYTHING you do is for your kids? A. Divorce is not good for kids. B. You're both in this position because you didn't put your marriage first. Idiots.
(TLC, Jon and Kate Plus 8)

Didn't you recently renew your vows to one another? Musta did it for the free trip to Hawaii....

Jillian let Jake go? What, perfect isn't good enough for her? Numbnut!
(ABC, The Bachelorette)

The Duggars found a way to put Jesus into their happy birthday song. Interesting.... and not surprising.
(TLC, 18 Kids and Counting)

Is it proper to roller skate in a skirt?
(TLC, 18 kids and Counting)

Do you think they'll let me try the Wipeout course with a hip replacement? I want my chance at the money! Just looking at this picture makes my hip hurt... anyone got IBProfen?
(ABC, Wipeout)

Nope, I can't dance. But I enjoy watching! Sex is back, but still awful ..... and even worse with a partner!
(FOX, So You Think You Can Dance)

Like I said, I can't get enough of reality TV.


OramHouse said...

You are funny, Meredith! And yes, WHY GET RID OF JAKE? airline pilot, good looking, super sweet, really likes you...umm, guess she's afraid of a stable relationship with a guy who will probably age well. Sex is always back, baby! I mean, will he ever go away? Maybe he should be the next Bachelor. That is, if they don't snag Jake for that first.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

You either have a back injury or you are nursing. We have much to discuss in person if we ever leave the comforts of or homes.

Herlehy Family said...

I am so sad that Jillian got ride of Jake. Yes, he was a perfect catch. I really don't understand how Jon & Kate think that they are doing this for their kids, it is so crazy and it really makes me sad. I too love reality TV! However, it is very different TV than when I was growing up the Cosby Show was the big hit then.

Harris Family said...

When you nursing non-stop- what else is there to do??!! Stare ata blank wall. When I was first nursing Max I new everything about TV- now that he is moblie, I cant stay caught up!! So guess what??!! we are FINALLY coming to CA July 8th-11th we will be in the sac area so we need to plan a play date one of those times. Are you guys in town?

Allen Family said...

You are so funny Meredith and totally right about Jon and Kate I thin they do everything for a free something.

Cadle Clan said...

I totally agree....why get rid of Jake (he was my favorite), Jon looks horrible with his ears pierced, but whatever.....and the worst part of "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions was when the male couple did a ballroom routine. It was hilarious and disturbing all at the same time!

Brooke said...

Seriously we watch the sames reality shows!! I love wayyy to many. Thank goodness for DVR. All I can say is... i agree, i agree, i agree!

Tiffani said...

Jake was my favorite from the very first episode. I said that I would have just send all the other guys home if it were me. Jillian has awful taste in men!

Nelson Family said...

I totally love reality tv too.. My opinion.. Jon is stupid! He is obviously trying to live his twenties over again without his wife!! LOSER! And I was SOOO mad when Jillian got rid of Jake, he is so sweet. Your so funny, I love reading your posts. Hope your family is doing great!!

Stacey said...

I'm glad you included Wipeout, my personal favorite! Is it bad that it is also Scott's favorite show?

When my sister-in-law was here visiting, she made me watch the Bachlorette. I had never seen it before! But now I completely agree with everyone -- Dump Jake and keep Wes? Seriously?!?

Laurie said...

Personally, I am moderatly obsessed with all tv shows/news relating to pologamy. (Except we do not get HBO so don't even think I watch that one) However, I swear the Duggars are one click away from pologamy. I am facinated by that show.

So do you not watch any of the "Little people" shows? I love those too. The Little Couple is one of my favs right now.

Sad to report I do not watch the bachelor type shows.

I guess I can't hang with the cool crowd.

Lowry Family said...

That is awesome. I am a reality junky too. I have to agree with everything.
I love Jake!!! I think they should make him the next Bachelor. I haven't been able to watch the past two weeks because of the stupid converter box. What a sham. They switched over because they wanted more people to go to Dish or cable. I was trying to watch it online but that isn't working either. Ahhhhh!!! I want to know what happened when Jake came back. Wes is stupid. How can he say that he is doing it for the fame and exposure and not the girl and STILL stay on? Why would the producers let that happen? This is a real person they are dealing with.

As far as Sex is concerned. I have to say I was looking forward to seeing him again. He is just so terrible it was hard not to like seeing him. I think this is his last year because he is too old now. I'm sure he'll find a way to get in the next one though. Also what the H*%#!!!! (I'm that mad) Why did they get rid of the red head (forgot her name, mother moment)? She was soooo good. They let other people have a second chance to dance for their lives and not her? That is just retarded. I have been looking forward to seeing her on the show. Stupids.

Alright I'll get off my soapbox.