Monday, June 28, 2010

Ryan and his 2 wheeler bike!

This kid cracks me up. He should scare me more... since he tends to scare every stranger around me, but I'm pretty numb to his crazy stunts (jumping off of stages, climbing in and out of the shopping cart, etc.) Anyway, he decided on his own that he was going to ride a bike... with no training wheels. We bought him a bike over a month ago. The next day his cousin/neighbor, Keaton took his training wheels off. Ryan, of course wanted to ride Keatons bike and not his brand new spider man bike! He wouldn't let anyone help on the bike so he just walked around with it. Finally, the next week while my hubby was out of town working, Ryan decides he will let me help him. After three tries he could ride a bike with no training wheels. The next day he was able to turn. The next day he could stop all by himself and then the last day he could start by himself. He was 2 years and 8 months when he taught himself how to ride. On the last day when his daddy got back in town, he took Ryans training wheels off of his Spider man bike so Keaton could have his bike back. I'm so proud of him!
Note: he is riding Keatons bike and notice the band aid on the knee?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

bebe #3!

We are so excited to be pregnant and to be having a baby girl join our family this coming November. So far this pregnancy seems to be a little bit easier and different than my last two (and I already thought my pregnancies were very easy), so I had no clue if it was a boy or girl since Ryan and Keira seemed more similar. The babies heart beat is slower than my last two so I am hoping and praying for a "chill- baby". My cravings are the same as when I was preggo with Ryan; baked potatoe, cinnamon rolls and lots of fried food :) I also feel and appear smaller than my other two pregnancies. Looks like I won't be gaining 55 pounds this time around (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) We'll see what the summer heat brings on!