Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

some more fun

so much fun

more fun

He had no fear of the water.... the whole week! He so stole that red shovel from someone because it wasn't ours!

diaper rash? no, its a sand rash

Lil' Ryan's aunt Alixe, gave him a sucker while out at the beach. He sucked on it, but then fell and used his hands to catch himself. Even though the sucker was completely surrounded with sand, he still sucked on it. In fact, he would suck on it, then dip it in the sand to get more on it. Eww, gross, but pretty entertaining. The looks on peoples faces around us, priceless. What's a mom gonna do? Take his sucker away?.... yeah right!

Poor guy not only had sand EVERYWHERE, but he was even pooping the stuff. We had to use vaseline with every diaper change. He still has two little scars on his bum bum. Awww.


Ryan found a super huge doughnut, the biggest we had ever seen. I gotta have my frozen banana!

fun in the sun

Ryan's family goes on a vacation every year. This year, and I believe every other year, we go to Newport for a week. It is so much fun having the ocean so near. We stay in a beach house right off of the beach. There is a bike trail that you can run/walk, bike, or roller blade on that is parallel with the ocean. So cool! The weather was perfect this year since I was able to get in the water.... everyday..... for long periods of time..... without a wetsuit. Awesome!

One of my favorites is getting a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and nuts. Yummo. Who needs the state fair? The lady was so nice she even gave baby Ryan a mini one.... it was the perfect, delicious teething toy. Yes, chocolate (and sprinkles) got all over him and the stroller :) Ryan always enjoys the water best, but then rarely you can pull him away to eat or even stop for a treat. He likes the Hawaiian shaved ice with soft serve ice cream at the bottom.

Two years ago when we went to Newport, Ryan skipped meals because he didn't want to get out of the water.... he was having to much fun body surfing and body boarding. This time was different because he had a baby and I wasn't babysitting a week straight by myself while at the beach. Luckily, Ryan and I got along taking turns watching the baby eat sand, run full speed for the water and steal other peoples sand toys. We can't wait til' next time!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun