Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Like I said when he was three months old... he wants to walk. He is crawling everywhere and pulls himself up to stand.


He doesn't like the peas... but he'll eat anything else! He actually gagged on them and almost threw up a couple times. Interesting how we have likes and dislikes at such a young age.

Mom and baby at a church function. He is growing up before my eyes.

Washing the car

I love this picture. Ryan took the baby outside to wash the car and after a half hour they came in and looked like this. My next door neighbor gave the baby sunglasses to my little guy. I laugh every time I look at this picture. I love my Ryans.

Kings game

For those of you who have children I am sure you can relate. Ryan, Baby and I went to a Kings game and it was soooo hard. My little guy cried every time the crowd cheered (which is about every 8 seconds.) It scared him, so I walked the hallway most of the first half with him. By the fourth quarter he was used to the loud noise and wasn't scared any more. Surprisingly it made the game go by quicker for me :) We were so close to leaving after the first quarter, but I am glad I convinced Ryan to stay. It ended up being lots o fun.

Much needed nap

I put him in the Johnny Jumper most mornings so that I can get a shower in without him getting upset (he likes to see me all the time). This way we are both happy, I shower, he plays. Apparently on this day he was tired enough to fall asleep.