Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a big boy

Ryan had a bad cough and was weezing for awhile so we whipped out the Nebulizer. What a difference a year has made. He couldn't stand it last year, but apparently he is so grown up that he can hold it to his face all by himself.

Ryan has no problem wearing his helmet, thank goodness! He doesn't seem like the type of kid that wants to be safe. But I think it helps that all the other kids in the neighborhood wear their helmets. Ryan is the one who usually remembers to wear it and brings it to me to put on him. Its good we're getting rain, but I know he wishes he could be outside more!


Herlehy Family said...

Ryan looks so darling in his helmet...priceless!

The Sam Elmers said...

He's so sweet. I know Owen loves playing with him at church. Even Sam gets a kick out of watching what they do together.


Mya is obsessed with helmets too! Except for the times she needs one it seems like!

Cali Hatch Fam said...

He is just too cute! Who does he get from his dad or his mom????