Thursday, February 5, 2009

25, female and balding

Is it just me, cause we usually nit pick at ourselves more than others, or did anyone else notice my female version of parking lots? You see, I have always had "hair issues". My mom said my younger sis would pull my hair and it would fall out by the handfuls. As I have gotten older, it has thickened up some and I would even venture to say that it is quite healthy... one of the healthier locks of hair out of the five girls in my family. However, I still like to wear my hair back and out of my face which reveals my lack of hair in the front. I can grow more hair on my upper lip than in my front/sides!!!!! (ok, maybe my stache isn't that bad.)

Do they make rogaine (spell check) for women?

ps, My last post was not intended to fish for compliments, more to show you the funny stuff that happens between man and women behind closed doors. I love my husband... including his honesty :)


Allen Family said...

OK so just to let you know that yes they do make Rogain for women.

The Bradford Bunch said...

I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. Silly girl! :)

The Fishers said...

I haven't noticed, but I will be paying more attention from now on:) Wait until you're 30, your body goes and you get cranky.