Monday, August 30, 2010

Newport Beach

He dug a hole and then used the boogie board as a diving board. It entertained him for hours through out the week!

Both of my kiddos love apples!

She super loves Hayden and copies everything he does!

Everyone minus Brandon and Tiani

Ryan was in Heaven... the beach and Keaton for a whole week. His life coudn't have gotten any better!

These two already fight like cats and dogs (I mostly blame Keira since she will hit him for no reason... all day long!) But a lot of the time they play together really well too!

Family shot! Lil' Ryan had just woken up from a 15 minute nap and was not happy about having to wake up!!!


Rochelle said...

How fun! These are the best trips with cousins and lots of memories for all!

Crystal Dever said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like you guys has such a great time. I'm so glad you get to do this with your family!