Monday, April 5, 2010

Not quite right

We have been potty training the last couple of months and it has gone surprisingly well! However, I was checking my email and Ryan came and climbed on to the desk and right there at my eye level was something I would rather not see that close to my face... his goodies that are hiding inside his underwear. Lately he has been able to put his own underwear and shorts back on but this time he didn't quite get it right. Because the waste band is around his thigh, there is a nice, huge opening that allows you to see all of his goodies. Gross and funny at the same time.


Cadle Clan said...

Got to love it! So funny!

Jim and Shana McGavock said...

Hahahaha! It probably looked even funnier from behind with one cheek peeking out! Mya does that all the time.