Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it too late?!

Ryan was the Shepard in the family's Christmas Story as told in the Bible.
Cousin Emma was a great Angel too!

Keira, Me, Tana, Hayley and mom (Ryna)
Christmas Eve with the Taylors

I wasn't planning on sending out a Christmas letter this year. Sometime in December Ryan changed his mind and thought that we should. I said 'ok' knowing that this wouldn't happen before the 25th. Here we are half way through Janauary and I am still debating on whether or not to mail something out. I might prefer to start a tradition of mailing something out in January so that it can include EVERYTHING from the previous year (can't leave out the good stuff that happens in December!) So what do you think?


Herlehy Family said...

I love the darling family photo! I think better late than never, I always love getting updates from friends that I don't hear from often.

sanpinney said...

I think you should do a groundhog's day letter.

Nelson Family said...

Such cute pictures!! I think you should send your letter whenever you get around to it. Everyone will enjoy it no matter when it is! :)

Harris Family said...

Late?... Have you seen my blog??!!haha

really like the january letters- picture in dec. so I can put it on my wall o'cards and letter in jan:)

We miss you- I want to go back to cali- we might move to AZ soon actually. You look so good and skinny and long hair and so cute!

Hope you guys are well.