Thursday, September 17, 2009


I forgot to wish my husband a happy birthday.... Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
It was on 9/11

Bet you didn't know he performed in the Sacramento Ballet's The Nutcracker!!

He complains that he has knee problems... I can't imagine why!

Too cool to smile? No, he got he teeth knocked out by an opponent.
J/K He has all his teeth :)
The Boys enjoying their time together.
Lil Ryan got a "blue geh-tar" for his birthday. (that's what he calls it)
I guess he couldn't take a break from sucking his thumb to play it!


Liz said...

What awesome pictures - Happy late birthday Ryan!

Robert & Sara said...

Your family is sooo cute! Keira looks just like you! We definitely need to keep in better touch. Love and miss ya!