Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First couple of weeks

Lucky for me she is a really good sleeper!

Wide awake!
Dad messing around with the baby. I think he was trying to wake her up for me so I could feed her.
This was not posed... I woke up to her sleeping so sweetly with her hands curled up by her face!
Lil' Ryan insisted that she wear her shoes!
When I put a head band on Keira, Ryan wants to wear one too. I do whatever it takes these days to keep the peace!
This is one of my favorite pictures so far of these two.
He was kind enough to share his pillow.... for a second or two!
I got him to say "cheese" again!
Lookin' good Taylor girls!

The boys cuddling Keira

Oh yeah, I paid $5.40 for the dress. It was originally $39.50... on sale in the store for $14.99. Since I have a Gap/Old Navy credit card I earn free money and had a ten dollar discount. So is was $4.99, $5.40 with tax :) I am the best!


Herlehy Family said...

Keira is so sweet! I love the first picture on your post with her in the purple, very cute.

Allen Family said...

Congratulations you guys, she is so very beautiful and I am so jealous. I really wanted a girl so soak it up and you make a beautiful little family. She and Ryan are so precious.

Cadle Clan said...

so cute! way to go on scoring the dress so cheap!

The Goulding Family said...

so adorable!!! I can't wait to meet her:)

The Bradford Bunch said...

Ok, too cute. I loved the pictures with Ryan wearing the headband. I giggled when I saw them. Too funny. And about the deal... You are the BEST!

Brooke said...

I love the pictures of Ryan with her headband on, so cute! Keira is so beautiful! You and your hubby are good baby making machines!!

The Fishers said...

She is adorable. I am glad things are going well. Your kids are pretty:)

Devin, April, and Gavin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I love all the sleeping pictures! She's adorable! Glad she's sleeping so will so you can spend a little time with Ryan and he won't feel so left out! The dress is fabulous! Every girl looks good in red! :)

The Davis Family said...

She is so adorable. Love the pictures!!

Nelson Family said...

She is so cute!! I find Addison like that when she sleeps a lot too.. it's so cute!! You guys have some way cute kids!! :)

Crystal Dever said...

You are awesome! The dress will look so adorable with the shoes too... I'm glad you found her something to wear them with! What a sweet family you are.

Harris Family said...

cute meredith!! from the pics I can see lots of Ryan Sr.

how fun to have two- I have really felt like a true little family with two. Cute dress too.

abuelalori said...

Surprise!!!! Not so sure I like this mode of communication but here goes. Love the pictures of the most beautiful, smart, wonderful (grand)children ever!!
Hope your feeling great!

Is the dress for you or Keira?
You'll both look good in red. Great job on the shopping skills, I'm sure Ryan is so proud of them too. Love Ya


She is a little clone of her big brother! Good thing he's so darn cute!