Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ewww, gross

I swept my kitchen floor the other night and turned for just a moment to grab the dust pan. When I turned back around to go sweep up the mess, Little Ryan had already found the pile of delicious left overs. I ran to grab the camera as he helped himself to a little snack. So gross.


Cadle Clan said...

Of course, grab the camera and take the's all blog worthy! Little Ryan cracks me up! Courtney does the exact same thing! One word...Swiffer! They are amazing!

Stephanie said...

I love that you think it is gross yet you still took the time to get your camera to watch him eat from the pile :)

Oh, and my last name is going to be German. Hope to see you around New Years!


Yeah it's gross... But that's life. I dont know a single child that didnt eat a little dirt. And they all survived! Think of it as "building up their immunities."