Tuesday, August 26, 2008

diaper rash? no, its a sand rash

Lil' Ryan's aunt Alixe, gave him a sucker while out at the beach. He sucked on it, but then fell and used his hands to catch himself. Even though the sucker was completely surrounded with sand, he still sucked on it. In fact, he would suck on it, then dip it in the sand to get more on it. Eww, gross, but pretty entertaining. The looks on peoples faces around us, priceless. What's a mom gonna do? Take his sucker away?.... yeah right!

Poor guy not only had sand EVERYWHERE, but he was even pooping the stuff. We had to use vaseline with every diaper change. He still has two little scars on his bum bum. Awww.

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Robert & Chantelle Haynie said...

HAHAHA! We have a big group going to see the Twilight movie too! I can't wait. I have never seen a kid eat sand like you little Ryan. he is too cute. I am doing well. Feeling good. Still no babies. We are going start working on that with a specialist soon, I hope. What is the latest on your health?? We so need to get together.